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You can find the build guide for this device right here.


Have you ever needed to blanket a wide area in deauth packets, but didn’t have a laptop or outlet nearby? Introducing the Wifi Grenade. A script-kiddie-esque annoyance that’s sure to make you the talk of your local infosec community. Annoying, stupid, and illegal, the Wifi Grenade blankets an area in deauth packets, executing a denial of service attack in your neck of the woods. Be careful, now, you’re broadcasting packets that could land you in the slammer with a felony. You’ve been warned!


Tom Webster is a Linux Sysadmin at Cincinnati Bell and part of the board for the Ohio InfoSec Forum. He’s constantly breaking, fixing, and researching things as well as ranting over at SamuraiLink3.com, his Google Plus profile, and Twitter.


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