The Blog of Tom Webster

Tom Webster

Phone: +1-(937)-601-8484

Tech Career

2017 - Present

Systems Development Engineer II - EC2 - Amazon Web Services

Systems Development Engineer I - EC2 - Amazon Web Services

Systems Engineer - EC2 - Amazon Web Services

2016 - 2017:

President of OISF (Ohio Information Security Forum)

2014 - 2017

Linux Systems Administrator for Cincinnati Bell

2013 - 2016:

Board Member of OISF (Ohio Information Security Forum)

2010 - 2014:

IT Engineer for BWIgroup

2008 - 2010:

Computing and Telecommunications Services, Wright State University Senior Assistant

2007 - 2008:

Operating Systems Class Teacher’s Assistant

2006 - 2017:

Freelance Technology Contractor

Interesting Projects

Other Experience

2013 - Present: Co-Host of the weekly thirty-minute security podcast Security:inThirty

Responsibilities: Research on security topics, talk creation, testing and fielding audience questions.

2007 - Present: Co-Founder of Seventy Two Pin Connector: Blog focused on classic gaming

Responsibilities: Site design, FTP Management, integrating Google Apps into domains, domain and hosting management, WordPress administration and deployment, graphic art, enlisting writers, producing a podcast.

2005 - 2007: Co-Editor of Fragility Productions: Media-centric weblog.

2000 - 2003: Ambassador for Children’s Medical Center of Dayton.

Responsibilities: PR appearances, speeches, radio interviews, and television spots.