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2-Factor: General Discussion

  2014-09-11 09:00:00 PDT

New security talk! Pretty simple, stuff we’ve seen before, but packaged to give in 30-60 minutes to an audience who may or may not know about 2-factor shortcomings. I gave this talk at OISF and it went over pretty well. You can find it here.

Tagged, you're it.

  2014-06-11 08:06:00 PDT

I made a web app. It isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s a very simple premise: Create lists of items, tag the items, filter by tags. As an added bonus, have one of those items randomly selected for you.

I know, stupidly simple. I’ve recently been diving headlong into Rails and needed an excuse to start and actually finish a personal project, so I started small. There’s still tons of work to do, but I think I can handle it (and if you wanted to help, feel free to send a pull request my way).

My entire reason for creating this is because at work, and at home, and out with friends: I, and the people I hang around cannot make a decision. I realized we all were good at categorically denying or picking things, but never could pick the final answer in a reasonable amount of time. I wanted an app that could filter that list, then hand me the almighty choice, never to be questioned, always to be obeyed. Lo and behold: Tagged.

You can check it out here.

New Talk: Passwords

  2014-05-08 13:53:00 PDT

About to give a talk on modern password requirements and security theory. It’s a bit controversial in some aspects, if you want to check it out, head over this way.

Popcorn Time App Mirror

  2014-03-16 07:41:00 PDT

If you’ve read anything about the Popcorn Time app recently, you know they’ve shuttered their doors. But if you’ve been on the internet any time in the past 10 years, you know it’s just about impossible to take things off the net. Luckily, I had an idea of what was about to happen, so I grabbed everything I could before it was taken down. Technology like this should be distributed, learned from, and enjoyed.

Keep in mind, the software is open source, and you can get the source code for all of the Popcorn Time projects here. If for some reason, the repositories are removed from GitHub, here is an up-to-date (as of Sun Mar 16 11:54:50 EDT 2014) zip file containing all of the public repositories under that account.

The installer packages are here: Linux64 (Beta 2.5), OSX (Beta 2.5), Windows (Beta 2.5).

If for some reason my links are inaccessable, you can grab everything here:!6JRj0IaK!Nj3TQE1rv1Vpl1KCs69rKUP4HUyB_1GeNEhVllvkOOQ

I’m sure this post will come under fire from some parties, but if you feel inclined to keep this tech around: Mirror the hell out of everything here. Put it up on your servers, sites, file sharing sites, whatever.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Copyright infringement isn’t a technology problem, it’s a business problem. Netflix single handedly stopped an incredible amount of people from torrenting, simply because it was better, easier, and worth the money. Want to stop piracy? Make a better service.

Vagrant Box: Debian 7.4 64-bit

  2014-02-20 06:11:00 PST

I’ve made a new Vagrant box for 64-bit development. Hopefully this helps you out. I’ve also bumped the default amount of RAM from 256 MB to 512 MB. Enjoy!

Vagrant Base Box: Clean Debian 64-bit
OS: Debian 7.4 x64
VirtualBox Additions: 4.3.6
Chef Client: 11.10.2
Preinstalled applications: Curl, Build Essential

Download Vagrant Base Box: Clean Debian 64-bit

URL for Vagrantfile:

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