The Blog of Tom Webster

  2014-10-25 17:00:00 PDT

Here’s a huge project that I’m happy to open source: GreenBoard. It’s a simple web app designed to be displayed on a vertically-oriented TV in a manufacturing environment. The premise is simple, you take pre-run measurements, if they come back green, run parts, if they come back red or yellow, you should fix things before you run parts. Without delving too much into specifics, it lets you specify and take measurements against pieces of equipment, and get a quick look to see if they are within the tolerance values you specify. This is probably best illustrated with a picture:

Table cells are colored depending on whether or not they are in-compliance with the values you have specified.

  • Green Cells - Value is within the bounds and within the tolerance percentage.
  • Yellow Cells - Value is within bounds, but is currently falling out of tolerance.
  • Red Cells - Value is outside of specified bounds.

There are some existing products that do this, but nothing was open source or generalized enough to fit the requesting company’s specifications, so we decided to build one ourselves.

This was designed with audit compliance in mind, so all tables are using PaperTrail. Even if a user deletes the tables they control, you can still look back on history for audit compliance purposes.

There’s still a good bit of work to complete on this project, such as building an API, pulling new values into the page in a modern way, not using a jQuery polling hack (it’s really nasty…), moving configuration to environment variables with Figaro, and additional logon methods (for all you Google Apps users out there). If you’d like to help out, check out the GitLab Project. I am accepting merge requests and can help out with deployment or other questions if they come up. Have fun!