HIVEMIND: Open source anonymous imageboard software

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2014-09-20 10:07:00 PDT

I’m happy to announce and launch my newest project: HIVEMIND

tl;dr: It’s open source image board software that you can find here:

Over the past year, I’ve seen certain communities on the internet become more locked down, more moderated, more censored. I’m not referring to any one incident, just a general trend I’ve noticed, and have been concerned about. I wanted a pet project that would allow people to stand up communities quickly and easily, with their own rules on their own terms. That’s where HIVEMIND comes in.

The site I’ve launched is just a reference implementation, not the grand solution, the solution is the open source software that makes it easy for people to create a public forum, without usernames or real names, to have discussions on any topic of their choosing. It’s very early in development, and I have a lot of plans for it in the future. For now, test it out, hack on it, create feature requests and bug reports on GitLab, and if you want: Stand it up on your own server.

Source here:

Install guide here:

Try it out here: