Tagged, you're it.

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2014-06-11 08:06:00 PDT

I made a web app. It isn’t the greatest thing in the world. It’s a very simple premise: Create lists of items, tag the items, filter by tags. As an added bonus, have one of those items randomly selected for you.

I know, stupidly simple. I’ve recently been diving headlong into Rails and needed an excuse to start and actually finish a personal project, so I started small. There’s still tons of work to do, but I think I can handle it (and if you wanted to help, feel free to send a pull request my way).

My entire reason for creating this is because at work, and at home, and out with friends: I, and the people I hang around cannot make a decision. I realized we all were good at categorically denying or picking things, but never could pick the final answer in a reasonable amount of time. I wanted an app that could filter that list, then hand me the almighty choice, never to be questioned, always to be obeyed. Lo and behold: Tagged.

You can check it out here.