Get List of Users from Active Directory Group

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2013-10-24 06:10:00 PDT

If you’ve ever needed to export a list of users from an Active Directory group, you’ve probably discovered that it isn’t entirely straight forward. The secret to generating and exporting a list are a few command line tools, dsquery and dsget. Below, you’ll see an example of a group export. The output is fixed-width, so use Excel to break up the data into a managable format.

You’ll only need to change CN=Group Name,OU=Groups,DC=Example,DC=com to fit your domain and group. If you’d like to control what fields are exported from dsget, check out this list of parameters for dsget on technet.

dsquery group "CN=Group Name,OU=Groups,DC=Example,DC=com" | dsget group -members | dsget user -ln -fn -samid -email > C:\Users\username\Desktop\file.csv