Windows 8 Developer Preview

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2011-09-14 10:33:00 PDT

As some of you may know, Microsoft has released a Windows 8 Developer Preview for bug testing and information gathering. Just like it happened with Windows 7, this developer preview is getting everyone excited for the next Windows release, me included. I am a bit skeptical, however. It seems to me like Microsoft is concentrating more on the tablet aspect of Windows 8 and almost completely ignoring its desktop PC roots. I’ll take you on a screenshot tour of sorts through a PicasaWeb album and offer some commentary along the way. While it is a bit buggy right now, you should give it a shot, its free after all.

Click on the Windows logo to start the screenshot tour.

Currently, my favorite feature is the built-in re-imaging and wipe functionality in Control Panel. Windows 8 lets you re-format your system with a button, but it does a Windows Easy Transfer type process in the background, letting you keep all of your user data and settings. This is HUGELY helpful for anyone who has ever had to format their machine (pretty much everyone). The wipe feature is beneficial to those of us who sell off or give away our old systems: The wipe feature formats and re-installs Windows 8 without keeping user data, allowing you to give your system away with peace of mind. I don’t know if this does a security wipe before re-installing Windows, if it doesn’t, it would make for a prime target of nefarious data-recovery specialists everywhere.