Brands and Businesses are Coming to Google+

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2011-09-13 21:46:00 PDT

And soon!

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I just went to add ‘Freelance Tech Guy’ to my list of employers on my Google+ profile, and I was surprised to find that Google not only lists potential business, but lists their pictures/logos as well. Is this part of the brand rollout we’ve been hearing so much about? It seems rather apparent to me that brands and companies will be added soon.

Again, I have no insider information on this, just a guess based on my experience with this unannounced ‘feature’.

Edit: Also, notice how some ‘non-companies’ will show up in this list, things like Pokemon show up in the list if you try it out. In the next screenshot, I search for ‘mario’, and ‘Nintendo’ pops up in the list. Check the screenshot for a peak.