Chrome OS Bootable Flash Drive! (Built on: 6/7/2011)

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  2011-06-07 14:20:00 PDT

Another version! Its been quite a while since I’ve put one of these out, so I figured it would help everyone if I released an updated version. As usual, all instructions are included in the download, so pull it down and give it a shot. Chrome OS is really growing up, and fast. I’m really excited for the future of Chrome OS and cloud-based computing in general. This is the future and it is now.

New Version Here

Update: Looks like there were a few nasty bugs with the June 7th build, I’ve rebuilt with newer sources in an attempt to give you a more stable build. Enjoy!

Update 2: Looks like the 6/13 build has some major GUI bugs and stability issues. Here’s the main point: These are daily builds, nasty bugs happen. I’ll wait a bit before releasing the next daily build, see what happens from there. I’ve re-included the link to the previous version, as it is a bit more stable.

Credits and Utilities:

To unpack this file, you will need the totally awesome and free unzipping utility: 7zip

This pack contains the Image Writer for Microsoft Windows, which is a great, simple way to take or place images onto drives. Give these guys a hand!

Instructions are included in a text file in the download!