Why the Academic World is a Steaming Pile of Shit (For CS Majors)

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2011-05-06 17:13:00 PDT

Ah, school! Teaching me the most worthless things ever! Check this out, actual comment from one of my programming projects:

“Create your own sort. Don’t use one that’s in the API. (-5)”

Huh… Strange… At my job, what would happen if I re-wrote a piece of code specifically designed to be convenient and save time (thus, money)?

I’d get fired.

This is exactly why Academica is worthless for people in my field: Complete lack of perspective and field experience. If I walked up to my boss and said, “Hey, Boss! I’m going to re-do the work that Sun Microsystems already did for me by re-writing perfectly good API calls because I don’t want to feel lazy! Oh, and you’d be paying me for these extra hours!”, he’d fire my ass on the spot (and rightfully so).

Here’s a cool academic exercise: Write a simple Twitter app (Using the given APIs), then make it work on Android. Its cool. Its relevant. Its academic. Its learning and experience. Don’t make me re-invent the wheel, college… Some motherfucker did that for me so I wouldn’t have to. I’m not paying you gobs of money to duplicate the work that others have done before me, I’m paying you gobs of money to stand on the shoulder’s of giants and build into the sky.