Cloudbound: Java?

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2011-01-17 13:16:00 PST

One of the problems I’ve run into with Chrome OS is the apparently lack of Java. It kind of perplexes me that I hadn’t considered Java to be a core web technology before my addiction to Minecraft reached epic proportions, but it also perplexes me that Google didn’t consider it a core web technology either. When I try to load up this Java applet on my CR48, I get this error message instead:

Missing Plug-in. Java does require local system support for applets to load, and it would make sense for Google to want as few attack vectors as possible for Chrome OS, but it still is a bit annoying. Not that my CR48 would have the power to run Minecraft, anyway. The system only has a 1.6Ghz Atom processor, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t run very well if it did. I could edit the root file system in DEV mode and install Java, but I’d like to keep this system as clean as possible. Just an interesting notion, nothing more.