Cloudbound: The CR48 (Part 2)

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2010-12-21 06:28:00 PST

The CR48 notebook itself is sleek, simple, and unbranded. Completely unbranded. No logos anywhere. Just a matte black notebook with a rubbery feel. To be honest, reviewing the hardware doesn’t really make much sense. The purpose of this pilot program isn’t to review the laptop that some company made on contract, the point is to review and bugtest the software. But the readers want to know, just how is the CR48? In a word: Amazing. Like the Nexus One, the CR48 embodies the essence of what Google thinks is possible with a Chrome OS notebook. Simple, from the keyboard to the case, the CR48 is the essence of software driving hardware. Not one logo is shown on the device in any form. Not even an informational sticker or set of warning labels. This is a tool for developers through and through. Honestly, I wish all notebooks were built this cleanly.

A small compliant so far, the battery doesn’t quite fit 100% snug to the bottom of the case on one corner. Not a deal breaker by any means, but this shows that the company Google hired is still working out the kinks in the manufacturing process. Granted, this is alpha-hardware, and never meant to be sold to the general public in this form, so I really have no reason to complain. All in all, I really love the simplicity, long battery life, and light weight, easy to carry shape of this build. If this is the template for Chrome OS notebooks, its about to be a very good year for Google. The next post I have lined up is a general overview of Chrome OS, then feature highlights and more in-depth views, including bugs. Stay tuned!