The Probable Demise of PastaNet

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2010-08-02 11:31:00 PDT

Attention PastaNet Users [and trusted friends in science]: PastaNet may be going away soon. AT&T doesn’t run their fiber across the street from where I used to live and has no idea when the Uverse service will be coming to my neck of the woods (about 500 feet away). I’m looking for any fast (and hopefully cheap, but I can pay a premium) ISP suggestions/comments/rants so I can pick one that may work for our users. From what it looks like, a best-case scenario (from my current knowledge) would be scaling back user accounts and active logins to a minimum level and having connection speeds hover around 30KBps. If any of you have ideas for ISPs that we could go with, or if you want to donate to Run-A-Fiber-Line-Directly-To-PastaNet Fund, please let me know. Your contributions to the think-tank of ideas and schemes, and your dollars, are greatly appreciated, and will help save PastaNet. As it stands now, running PastaNet off of the Time Warner infrastructure will cripple our operations and slow down everything we are trying to accomplish. I have recently been pricing how much a dedicated fiber run would cost and have put up a PayPal donate button on the right sidebar of this page. Thank you for helping me help you help us all, trusted friends in science.