Adventures in Adventure 2: Pizza, Tech, Cabbies, and The Blues

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2010-01-03 05:24:00 PST

First off: The trains in Chicago are wonderful. Cheap, easy, a much better option than finding parking (usually about $16-$20 bucks a day) on the street. Buses are pretty nice too. Public transit isn’t the awful boon that most people make it out to be if managed correctly. A few hours in and we were planning routes around city blocks easily enough. The experience in this city makes me wish that there was more (and better managed) public transit in the US. We stopped by the Sears Tower (Now, The Willis Tower), and decided to take their Skybox tour. Here is the video there:


We also went to Gino’s East of Chicago Pizza. THE Chicago Pizza Place. The food was less like Pizza and more like Soup. It was absolutely amazing. Rob and I couldn’t even finish the small pizza we ordered. Gino’s is officially the best pizza I have ever consumed.


We also traveled to the Museum of Technology and Industry (Video still pending, TONS of content), it wasn’t the most comprehensive museum I’ve been to, but it had more than its fair share of “Good shit that was amazing.” moments. Like I said, video still pending, but when it is up, I’ll make sure to post it.

Totally forgot to talk about the Blues bar we went to! We hit up Buddy Guys Legends bar, great atmosphere, food was a good price, drink prices were through the roof, but it was a good time overall. The music selection was good, the guys on-stage were plenty talented, but we felt the music lacked feeling, like playing the Blues was more of their night job, just doing it to get by, they weren’t really feeling the music they were playing. Other than that, a wonderful experience.

Side note: Cabbies like to take the long way around, unless you wanna get jacked an extra $.50, make sure you’re riding with someone who knows their way around town (Thanks, Rob).