Fizy! Music for the Rest of Us

The Blog of Tom Webster

  2009-03-24 15:26:00 PDT

Yet another “Web 2.0” app to write about… This time, its Fizy! Have you ever just wanted to hear one song to get it out of your head, or look up an old classic, or just play one awesome song over and over again? Well now you can… for now that is..

Fizy is a super-simple, easy-to-use search engine / music player that probably has a couple weeks to live. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, I love the style, I love the simplicity, I love the way the songs just come up and play. Its fast, easy, and makes P2P just about useless if you only have an itching to hear a song once or twice. The advertising possibilities are endless! But then again… that’s what people said about Pandora. Now I love Pandora as much as the next music junkie, but its become a lot less useful ever since the RIAA had their way with it.

I really love the direction Fizy is going, but I can’t help but wonder… how long can they keep this up?